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Be careful with your social media updates

It is incredible how fast the social media craze is growing! You no doubt subscribe to at least one such as Facebook or Twitter. Such sites are no longer considered just a vehicle to express one’s feelings or opinions on menial topics. These sites are being used extensively by well-respected and recognized commercial organizations – such as London Drugs. People and businesses alike can keep their friends and customers abreast on whats happening on a minute-to-minute basis.

However, a word of warning to those people who are addicted to updating their social media site on a regular basis. Stories similar to the following have recently been reported in the media:

Many people like to post updates such as, “Off to Cuba for a relaxing two week vacation”. Those types of updates are an invitation to any unscrupulous persons who view them to make their way over to temporarily unoccupied homes to help themselves to the holiday-maker’s household goods.

Be responsible with your social media updates, perhaps waiting until you get home from your vacation to post your photos.

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