BC: 1-800-681-6677
Alberta: 1-800-693-6862

Find the right plan for you

Pet health insurance allows you to ensure that you can provide your pet with the very best of care so that when the unexpected happens you can make health care decisions that feel right for you and your pet, rather than basing it on what you can or can’t afford.


London Drugs Insurance Services Department has partnered with Petsecure to ensure your pet has the best plan that meets the needs of both you and your pet.

Benefits of Petsecure:

  • Lifetime coverage with annual renewable limits
  • Cover diagnostics, X-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medication and more

Call for more information:

  • BC: 1-800-681-6677

  • AB: 1-800-693-6862

We offer the following services:

To purchase Pet Insurance call Petsecure toll free 1-800-2680-1169 or simply visit their website for a quote, and quote offer code GCLDD to receive a 10% discount.

How To Make A Claim - Petsecure