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Beware the insurance scammers

There are reports of an insurance scam going on in Ontario right now. Will it happen in BC? The following recent article is from CIP Society, Advantage Daily: The News in Brief:

“The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) warns that several Ontario city newspapers have run ads for auto insurance with a 1–800 contact number. Perpetrators of the scheme have placed the ads in a city’s newspapers for a week and then moved onto another city with a different 1–800 number and a new business name. So far, RIBO notes, the names have included Arthur and Son, Interprovincial, Smith and Son, and Addison. Victims who phone the 1–800 number are directed to send an insurance premium by Western Union. The victims do not receive any policy, and when they call the 1–800 number, it is out of service. No valid insurance coverage has been placed, RIBO warns. “People should exercise caution when purchasing insurance and make sure they are dealing with a legitimate insurance broker or agent,” a RIBO spokesperson advised.

RIBO asks anyone who might have been caught in the scam to contact them.

Many thanks to RIBO and CIP Society for warning the public. Consider yourselves warned.

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