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Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance

There are many setbacks that can cause one to postpone or cancel their travel plans. Emergencies can come up last minute, only days or hours before someone is to leave on their dream vacation. The costs associated with delaying or cancelling these plans can escalate quickly.

That’s why Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption protection is so essential. This insurance reimburses your travel costs if your travel plans are cancelled prior to departure, or if they are disrupted after the trip has begun. After all, sometimes life takes over and travel plans go out the window.

Nobody can predict the future. Unexpected family or medical reasons can force clients to call off, change, or even interrupt well–planned trips. Plus, there are other factors that can impact travel plans. In today’s unpredictable economy, you may suddenly find yourself out of work. After losing a job, you might not be able to afford the vacation anymore. Fortunately, job loss is a covered risk under Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption insurance. It is a good idea to always add this important product.

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