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Snowbirds Prepare for Flight

The cold and wet weather has set in which means that summer is well and truly over. For many Canadian seniors, this means its time to start thinking about packing up and following the migrating birds south to warmer destinations for the winter. The majority of these snowbirds choose destinations in the USA with some even going as far as Mexico. It is highly recommended that these snowbirds purchase travel insurance during the time that they are going to be away from their home country as emergency medical treatment can be very costly if required. Especially in light of the fact that BC Medical will only cover a portion of the cost for receiving medical treatment outside of British Columbia.

For example, an elderly man had a heart attack in a U.S. airport while running to a connecting flight. During recovery from an emergency bypass, he suffered a stroke and remained in hospital under close observation before the doctors declared him stable enough to be airlifted home. TuGo covered his hospital and medical costs and his air evacuation to Canada. Total Cost = $305,000. Portion Paid by Provincial Government = $5,700. (2% of claim total)

Call or visit a London Drugs Insurance department to inquire about or purchase travel medical insurance before your next trip.

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