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Planning a Winter Getaway

Winter is great… for about a month. After that, it’s pretty typical for Canadians to spend their cold winter nights dreaming of beaches, sun, and flip-flops. Planning a winter getaway? Here’s everything you need to get your family prepped and ready for a fun and safe getaway.


Travel Medical Insurance

When you travel (whether it’s in Canada or beyond), it’s important to ensure your family is covered for every situation – flight delays, lost baggage, and injury or illness. Our insurance specialists can help you understand which travel insurance coverage will work best for you!

Get more information from one of our trusted insurance specialists in select storesonline, or through our call centres – BC: 800-681-6677 and Alberta: 800-693-6862.

Packing List

When travelling as a family, packing can be a nightmare. To simplify the process, start early. Roll the clothing to fit more in. Try packing cubes to separate clothing by person, or to keep all of the bathing suits together. You can also try “cross-packing” – this technique recommends packing a few outfits for each person in each suitcase, rather than packing one suitcase per person. That way, if one bag goes missing, everyone still has clothing to wear. Also, make sure to pack the essentials in your carry-on suitcase, including medications and toothbrushes.

Plus – luggageElectronics? A Summer Safety Kit? There is plenty to pack for a winter getaway – especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Travel Medical Clinics

New and exotic destinations are an adventure – but you always want to be prepared. That’s why we started our Travel Medical Clinics – you can book online and discuss your travel plans with one of our Travel Medicine Pharmacists. They’ll be able to help you understand what medications, vaccinations, and other health supplies will be handy for your trip.

Passport Photos

If your passport is near expiration, it may be a good idea to renew it before your trip, rather than after. Get your photos done at the London Drugs Photolab with confidence – we are so confident in the quality of our passport photos using our new biometric technology, we guarantee them. If your London Drugs passport or identification photo is declined for quality reasons, we will refund your purchase, retake the photo, and give you a $50 London Drugs gift card for your inconvenience.

Our Photolab experts can answer any questions you may have about passport photos. Travelling with kids? Our experts have a ton of experience photographing children.

Airplane Prep

It’s the eternal struggle when switching climates – what do you wear on the way to the airport? No one wants to bring a parka to Mexico. Try wearing a warm but lightweight sweater under your raincoat or jean jacket. Toss on a blanket scarf and you should be warm enough to make the sprint from the car or train to the airport – plus, airplanes can be quite chilly, so you’ll be bundled for the flight as well. For long flights, don’t forget your eye mask and neck pillow (we’ve got an inflatable one too!).

Lastly, don’t forget the in-flight snacks and entertainment. Buying and preparing snacks before heading to the airport will be cheaper and easier – plus, it’ll prevent any arguments about what to buy in the airport gift shop. As for entertainment, check what amenities your plane offers ahead of time – if there are no TVs, then booksiPodstablets, and colouring books will be essential. Don’t forget to pack your charging cords and your Piston Power charger in your carry-on!

You’re prepped! Have a great trip. Bon voyage!