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Online Renewals Q&A


The top things to know about your eligibility for online renewal.

  1. The policy must be expiring within the next 44 days.
  2. The vehicle must be owned by an individual and cannot be leased, jointly owned or company-own.
  3. The policy will be renewed with the same coverage.

There may be circumstances where a policy meets the criteria but still isn't eligible for online renewal.


When will online renewals be available?

  • Starting March 17, 2022, most customers with an eligible policy, that have an effective date of May 1, 2022, or later, can renew online.  (45 days in advance)

Who is eligible to renew online?

  • Customers that have a vehicle owned by an individual person 
    • A vehicle registered to joint owners, company/organization or are leased are still required to visit one of our 19 London Drugs Insurance Location
  • Customers that do not have any outstanding debts with ICBC


What type of policies are eligible to renew online?

  • Current, in force and active insurance policies
  • Policies rated as a personal vehicle 
    • Pleasure (not including trailers, motorhomes, Rv’s)
    • To and from work
    • Business 
  • The policy can not be included in a fleet
  • The policy can not be for a luxury vehicle


What information do I have access to once logged into my account?

  • view your policy details
  • renew eligible policies
  • estimate the cost for renewing eligible policies
  • estimate mid-term changes for eligible policies
  • get copies of proof of insurance for active policies


What can I do when renewing an eligible policy online?

  • purchase current coverage
  • update your vehicle location and mailing address(s)
  • update your low kilometer discount
    • after entering your kilometer’s, the system will determine if the policy is eligible for the discount
    • you are required to keep a copy of the odometer reading
  • update your autonomous emergency braking declaration
  • change how you use your vehicle
    • rate class selected must be an eligible rate for online renewals, if it is not you will need to contact your London Drugs broker
  • update the drivers listed on your policy
    • If you want to add more than 25 listed drivers to your policy, you cannot renew online, please see your London Drugs broker to add the additional listed drivers to renew your policy.
  • update the principal driver (PD).


What can’t I do when renewing an eligible policy online?

  • Can not change your optional coverages
    • but you can view the coverages purchased when the policy was last issued
  • Can not change the disability discount (DD) and anti-theft device discount
    • but you can view whether the discount was applied to the policy when it was last issued
  • Can not add a listed driver with an out-of-province (OOP) driver's licence
  • Can not adjust the deductible(s)


Which payment methods can I use when renewing online?

  • Pay in full by using major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • Monthly payments offered by ICBC from your bank account.


Can I still work with my London Drugs Insurance broker?

  • Yes, when you use the ICBC Online Renewal process, you will be prompted to select a “Broker of Choice”. 
    • After a transaction is completed a London Drugs Insurance Specialists will reach out to you to review the renewed policy to ensure you are satisfied and have the desired coverage(s)
  • You will always have the option to work directly with a London Drugs Insurance Specialist either in person, over the phone, or by using our online renewal service


Once I renew online, how do I receive my new documents?

  • At the end of the Online Renewal process, you will receive an email with your new ICBC insurance documents which you can print using your home printer
  • You can also request that ICBC mail you a copy of the new document
  • Or you can visit one of our London Drugs Insurance Service locations for a copy


How do I receive my decal?

  • Under this new program, decals will no longer by required on your BC License plate.