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Playful Pets

A Canadian insurer recently conducted research on some of the silliest pet mishaps they could find. Some examples of these mishaps include:

  • a dog that was taken to the veterinarian after swallowing a credit card – the bill came to hundreds of dollars but the vet failed to see the humor when the owner suggested he scan her dog to cover the payment!
  • a cat that was acting strange was taken to the vet and it wasn’t until a $500 bill and a trip to the litter box later that the owner discovered the feisty feline had swallowed a shoe lace
  • in a game of chase between an airplane in the sky and a dog, the airplane won and the dog careened head-first into its backyard fence
  • a clownish canine lost two teeth in a battle of tug of war with its owner’s bathrobe.

The research also showed that of the dog and cat owners surveyed, 98% don’t have pet insurance, despite the fact that a quarter of those say their pet has suffered an injury that resulted in a visit to the vet. The research also showed that 55% of pet owners surveyed said they would be likely to get pet insurance if it could easily be added on to their existing property insurance policy.

Visit or call a London Drugs Insurance department near you to discuss some options available to help off-set the high cost of veterinarian fees.

Travelers Keep Heading South Despite the Recession

The economy may be the hottest topic in the news these days, but for the time being, the recession does not seem to have put a damper on the travel industry. According to many travel agencies, winter travelers seeking fun in the sun continue to book travel arrangements. The top destinations once again this year are Mexico‘s Mayan Riviera, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Some experts feel that the effect of the recession may only be felt later this fall, during the height of the European travel season, but for the moment, the market is doing well. Many sales and package deals are available for price-savvy travelers to take advantage of.

Anyone thinking of travelling should also keep travel insurance in mind – provincial healthcare plans cover only a small portion of medical expenses incurred outside the province of residence, so travelers are strongly advised to purchase private travel insurance to guard against unexpected medical costs. Whether travelers are looking for a daily plan or an annual plan, for singles or for families, London Drugs Insurance can offer you the proper travel insurance coverage at competitive rates.

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